Elderberry is not an overly sweet berry but, with their perfectly balanced earthiness and tart-flavor, it is a delicious flavor to use in balsamic vinegar. Try pairing with one of our fruitier olive oils, such as strawberry, or with an herbal flavor such as basil. Try swirled into your morning yogurt or drizzled on fruit salad. Use as a sauce or drizzle with light seafood (such as shrimp or halibut). Want a more adult idea… use in your favorite vodka or rum cocktail. marinade for your steaks or pork.

Health Benefits of Elderberry!

 1. High in Nutrients

 2. May Improve Cold and Flu Symptoms

 3. High in Antioxidants

 4. May Be Good for Heart Health

Elderberry White Balsamic (375ml)

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