At Gettysburg Olive Oil Company, we share our love of healthy, local food and living a healthy lifestyle by offering superior quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars – a true reflection of the labors and passions of individual producers and olive farmers from Italy and Tunisia. Our oils and vinegars are versatile in use, have unique flavor profiles, and reflect the diverse food culture of Gettysburg and Adams County, Pennsylvania which features historic taverns, ethnic cuisine, and farm-to-table dining.

The products we manufacture are available in 375ml bottles. Our balsamic vinegars are artisan-produced specifically for us in Modena, Italy by VR Aceti. You will find them to be thicker and sweeter than our competitors, due to the fact that ours contains a higher percentage of grape must (the good part!) and less wine vinegar. There are no added sugars or thickeners (or colors), just naturally-aged balsamic vinegar in oak barrels.

The base for our flavored extra virgin olive oils is made from a blend of Chemlali, Chetoui and Arbequina olives, and is grown in Tunisia, a country with thousands of years of history producing high-quality olive oils, made without pesticides or other non-organic compounds. We have the olive oil independently tested once it arrives at SGS Labs here in the U.S., tested for both purity and quality, so you can be assured that your customers are buying 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This testing process is done 3-4 times a year. Our flavorings are all natural and vegetarian.