With our new Lombardy, we set out to create the unimaginable. Accomplish a culinary experience into a purer and more advanced cruet than ever. That meant reimagining every element not only giving it a modern take on the classic but creating it to the most practical. The result is more than just a new cruet. It is the future of a cruet. 15.2oz, 450ml.

Entertain with confidence by supporting your cruet with our genius idea of a hand-made rounded rectangle of solid beech tray coming with a hand-blown appetizer plate. Serve your favorite small dishes by bringing a functional elegance to your table. Finished with food-safe lacquer. The base is only compatible with the following items: Lombardy, Modena, Sicily, Andalucía, Valencia, Navarra and Veneto. T2: 12,5 cm x 24,0 cm x 1 cm/W 4.92” x L 9.44” x H 0.39”. A1: 10,5 cm x 6,5 cm x 1,8 cm/4,13” x 2,55” x 0,70”.
Made in Hungary

Cruet Lombardy, Board With 1 Appetizer Plate (r)

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